Writing Center Offerings to Fuller Students

“I wish I could write better!”

“If only someone would read my paper BEFORE I turn it in.”

“I’m an ESL student and English grammar confuses me. I need to go over the basics!”

Have you ever asked yourself these questions or overheard someone ask the same? You’re in luck!

The Writing Center is located on the third floor of the library and is there to help you to write better.

Click here to go to the Writing Center website. There, you can see all the fun and informative events they have during the quarter – some you can join in remotely, so you have no excuse!

If you have any questions about the Writing Center and their services, please feel free to email them writingcenter@fuller.edu.

Mango Languages Webinar – May 3rd!

Mango Languages is a new eResource (thank you, Ms. Helmerick!) at the Fuller Library available for students, faculty, staff, and alumni!

We are having a webinar for students and instructors on how to use Mango given by a Mango staff person on:

Wednesday, May 3 at 8am.

Please join us at this link: https://bluejeans.com/385304105.

Since this will be recorded and uploaded to our website, please mute your mics and webcams before the webinar begins.

There will be time after the webinar for questions!

New Books in April, Continued…

Christ is Risen from the dead! All we have to do is follow Christ; for in Christ, all our problems will be solved. Happy reading!


New Databases! African American Communities, Race Relations in America, and Mango Languages

Fuller Library is proud to announce a new database addition to our collections – African American Communities and Race Relations in America!

  • African American Communities – this collection presents multiple aspects of the African American community through personal diaries and scrapbooks, pamphlets, newspapers and periodicals, correspondence, official records and in-depth oral histories.
  • Race Relations in America – this contains excellent survey material, including interviews, questionnaires, statistics, raw data and analyses, as well as advice for other organisations and towns wishing to conduct their own investigations. In addition to this, audio recordings and transcripts of speeches, photographs recording the participants of each institute, as well as two publicity film slideshows are featured.
  • Mango Languages – offers instruction and learning for 77 languages and counting. Languages include, Biblical Hebrew, Ancient Greek, and Latin. The program also includes Specialty Courses, which feature culture and themes relating to the language you are learning as well as using movie clips! For more info on Mango Languages, go to our Resources page!

To access these databases, go to our Databases page or click the hyperlinks above.

We were able to purchase these through the very gracious grant of Ms. Peggy Helmerick – thank you very much!

New books in April!

Easter is approaching! It’s the time to repent for all our sins and thank God for all his blessings over us. It is also the time to spread the joy and happiness that Christ has brought about into our lives, to everyone we meet. Have a blessed and learned Easter!



David Allan Hubbard Library – Department Restructure

Hello Everyone!

Dr. Waldrop has recently restructured the library staff into five distinct departments. Moving forward, if you have questions that fall under any of these departments, you will get a quicker response by contacting the department heads with the emails listed on the image below. Clicking on the image enlarges it and clicking here leads you to the Library Staff page; this page lists everyone, their departments, and contact information. If you’d like more information about the departments, please feel free to email lib-systems@fuller.edu. Thank you!