New Books in October, Continued…

Please check the following if you are interested in reading the books below. You just need to click the book cover, which brings you directly to the book in the library.

1Religioninamerica2justwars3worshipinthegarden4commonthreads5faithnomore6culturalconversions7Selecteucidandhasmonean8citizensofachristian9Ecumenism10treeofsalvation11 Ezra-nehemiah12kierkegaard13pentecostalecclesiology15spiritandpower15globaldiffusion16lighttothenations17keytheologicalthinkers18rethinkingconstantine


New Books in October

It’s the start of another quarter here at Fuller! For those of you new to Fuller, you are invited to check our new books posted every other week. Here’s just a sample of some of the new ebooks you’ll find on the library website. Have a blessed quarter!


New books in September

Please check the new books often when you have time. You may suggest the books you want through our Suggest A Book form as well. Happy reading!

1jeremiah2samaritansp3interxtuality4stolenbible5franciscanvirtue6whoisthissonofman7Jonah9Franciscanlearning8encyclopedia10job11lawofgod12F.CBaur13Fundamentalism14swdiningheresy15Bonhoeffer16cultural17 pursuit18joshua


Construction In The Library – September 5th

On Tuesday, September 5th, Fuller Library will be tearing down the current Circulation Desk to make way for the new one! In light of this, please be aware that the library will be LOUD all day. If you want to come to the library, bring your headphones or feel free to stop by on Wednesday, when most of the construction will be over. A temporary Circulation Desk will be in front of the portrait of Hubbard, directly across from the current desk. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Thank you for your understanding!