Where to Print – PaperCut & Wēpa Kiosks

1st floor
De Pree Reading Room (both systems)
Library Lobby (Wēpa Kiosk)
2nd floor
Next to catalog computer (Wēpa Kiosk)
Computer Lab (both systems)
3rd floor
Next to catalog computer (Wēpa Kiosk)


How To Print with PaperCut

You must be a Fuller student, faculty, alumni, or an authorized Library user with a Fuller ID to be able to print.

Step 1

Access your account.

  • •Enter your Fuller ID login at the prompt
  • •Choose “Web Print”
  • •Choose “Submit a Job” (lower right side)
  • •Select Printer
  • •Click on Print Option
  • •Upload your document by Browsing to the file location
  • •Complete your request by clicking on “Upload and Complete”
Step 2
  • •Go to a “Release Station” to print
  • •Login to the station using your Library account credentials

Printing with PaperCut costs 5¢ per page. You can add value to your printing account by purchasing a prepaid printing card from the Circulation Desk.

How To Print at the Wēpa Kiosks

Any patron can use the Wēpa Kiosks.
Click here to go to the Wepa How-To page.


Printing with Wēpa costs 8¢ per black and white page; $25 per color page. You can pay via card or PayPal.