All computers and laptops are equipped with Microsoft Office and Endnote, and provide full internet and database access. SPSS and Bibleworks are available on lab computers as indicated. The library offers access to the following software, which are free to those with a Fuller ID.

Endnote is bibliographic management software that allows users to collect, store, and format bibliographic references. It also integrates with Microsoft Word and other word processing programs to allow the inserting and formatting of citations and bibliography automatically while writing your paper (cite while you write).

Should you have issues with Endnote, please email the reference librarian at

BibleWorks is the original languages Bible software program for biblical exegesis and research. It comes with Greek, Hebrew, and Septuagint Bibles for your computer, as well as translations in English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and more.

A tightly integrated collection of Bible software tools are designed specifically for scholarly analysis of the Bible text. BibleWorks comes with a variety of Bible search tools, lexicons, dictionaries, and morphology analysis resources. For all levels of users, it is suitable for Bible study, sermon preparation, and detailed Bible research.