• Who was the first female faculty member, and what year was she hired?
  • When did Fuller begin to support women’s ordination?
  • Who was Fuller’s first female trustee?
  • Many of Fuller’s present faculty and staff championed the full affirmation of women in ministry and academic life back when the subject was debated at the institutional level. Can you name a few of these people?

Discover the answer to these questions and others you may have about the history of women’s participation and inclusion at Fuller. The exhibit, displayed in the first floor lobby, features the history of Fuller’s policy for admitting female students, the rise of women’s campus groups such as the Philotheans and Women’s Auxiliary, the appointment of female faculty members, and the successes of prominent Fuller alumnae. It will be on display until October 17th and then moved to Payton Hall for display during the entire 2012 calendar year.

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