Billboard Series #103011. Wood, Acrylic, Spray paint, 42” X 144”.

Born out of the mesmerizing aesthetic of decaying freeway billboards, Billboard Series #103011, invites the viewer to ponder the ways in which revelation can emerge from disorder and entropy. Billboards are oriented towards frenetic creatures and are loud, temporary, and pervasive. Do they occasion the slow, meditative gaze necessary for disclosure of the numinous?

Please stop by and take a look at Rob Lee’s painting. His work fuses Abstract Expressionism and Pop art sensibilities, and often embodies a weathered, nostalgic presence. The passage of time—and the multiple narratives it holds—seems to arise from his work. Yet often the real is melded with the representational: the age of wood and the tatter of adverts are translated into paint. Making new into old, mess into glory, is a foundation of his aesthetic.

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