Missionary Bank in Siwait, India
Center, front row: Gus and Ellen Freymiller
Each end of the backrow: Clara Huntington and Katherine Workman

The Archives and Special Collections of Fuller Theological Seminary exists to preserve the memory and to document the ongoing legacy of the broad, interdenominational evangelical milieu in which the seminary was born, and within which it continues to play a leading role, as well as religious dimensions of its context around the world. If you are interested in accessing these primary resources, visit http://libraryarchives.fuller.edu/ for information on how to gain access. Some highlights of the Archives include:

Fuller Seminary Collections: Collections related directly to the life and work of the seminary, its faculty and alumni; among these, the personal papers of Charles E. Fuller, David Allan Hubbard, Art Glasser, Robert Munger, Daniel Payton Fuller and Wilbur Smith.

Du Plessis Archives: The Du Plessis Archives has acquired an extensive range of collections related to the international Holiness, Pentecostal and Charismatic movements (with a focus on the ecumenical currents within it) and the Third-Wave (River) Churches. These include several new collections  from people related to the Metropolitan Church Association, a Holiness church organization established in the late19th  century, including papers of the Bitzer family, the personal library and papers of Leslie Ingram, and the records of David Freymiller;  as well as the Papers of Manuel J. Gaxiola, Oneness Pentecostal (available by Spring quarter).

American and World Christianity Collections: These include the papers and recordings of Lloyd John Ogilvie, the Country Church of Hollywood Collection, the papers of missions author Margaret T. Applegarth, the Paul Dayhoff Collection documenting Nazarene mission in southern Africa, the Floyd Perkins Collection documenting mission history in southern Africa, the Strachan family papers of the Latin American Mission,  the Duane Pederson and Jesus People of Hollywood Collection and related Jesus People collections, as well as the diaries of Holiness layman William L. Troyer and the M. Scott Peck Collection.

Special Collections: The personal libraries (published printed materials) of African American scholar James Melvin Washington, evangelist Gipsy Smith, Fuller President David Allan Hubbard and well-loved preacher Lloyd John Ogilvie; the hymnal collection developed by Robert Mitchell; two Pacific Rim collections, the Agustin Rivera Collection and the Gonzalez Vijil Collection; as well as the Holiness collections of Donald W. Dayton, William Kostlevy and Charles E. Jones and Pentecostal / Charismatic collections of V. Alex Bills and William Faupel.

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