Fuler Ockenga HandshakeThe founding of Fuller Theological Seminary resulted from the combination of the dreams of two well-known evangelical leaders, Charles E. Fuller, famous radio evangelist, and Harold John Ockenga, pastor of the Park Street Church, Boston. In Dr. Ockenga, Dr. Fuller found one who not only shared his zeal for evangelism and mission, but one whose academic achievements suited him well for a role in founding a theological seminary.

Dr. Ockenga became the seminary’s first president and assembled a faculty of top intellectual evangelical theologians. He also played a critical role in setting the academic tone for the school, which ultimately charged the course of “new Evangelicalism.” Charles Fuller provided the funding, found the necessary real estate for a school, and actively recruited students on his radio broadcast, The Old Fashioned Revival Hour. Their combined efforts during those early years led Fuller Theological Seminary to become the largest seminary in the world.

“Ockenga & Fuller: Living in Their Tomorrow” is currently on display in the David Allan Hubbard Library lobby. Included are photos of Fuller Seminary in its infancy, correspondence between Drs. Ockenga and Fuller, and artifacts from the Old Fashioned Revival Hour. The exhibit will be on display through Monday, September 30.

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