The Fuller community is invited to explore and evaluate Mango Languages to experience learning a foreign language during our month-long trial.
Mango Languages is a web-based program that teaches conversational skills, grammar, and vocabulary in more than 50 languages.  Languages taught include Ancient Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, Spanish, and more. There are also English courses for non-English speakers.

Mango is interactive, includes memory-building and critical thinking exercises, and is self-paced. Upon completion of a course, users will be able to make small talk with strangers, ask for directions, negotiate transactions in stores, and count up to 99, for example.  Users also learn about other cultures including their communication styles, food, and other customs.

To use Mango Languages, users must have an Internet connection and a modern browser with Adobe Flash installed (Adobe 10.3 or higher). Visit Adobe’s website for a free Flash Player upgrade.

Your feedback is valuable to us! Please visit the trial databases page for more information and to share your comments:

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