Three of David Allan Hubbard Library’s group study rooms (Rooms 308, 314, and 315) are now equipped with a wireless presentation system.  See more information on The Quad to get started: http://quad.fuller.edu/2014/12/wireless/

The program will allow up to four people to simultaneously display their laptops’ content on the large flat screen TV that is in each of the above study rooms.  This is particularly useful if:

  • a user wants to practice a presentation that includes visuals; you can connect your computer easily and stand wherever you want in the room, rather than merely within the length of the cable.
  • several students are collaborating on a project and need to display and share information, like deciding which images to put in their PowerPoint, without having to e-mail different suggestions.
  • your group is studying for a test in a language class. Users can easily display sentences or phrases on the TV so that everyone can have a go at reading or translating what is displayed.
  • a group of psychology students wants to compare data from a series of tests that had been performed; everyone is able to display his/her data.

The system works for PC or Mac laptops. It is not compatible with tablets or smartphones.

The Library’s group study rooms are for groups of two or more Fuller students and members of our staff and faculty.  Click here to book a room reservation.

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