What is the Information Access Services department and where is it located?

IAS is the public-facing department responsible for interacting with patrons, maintaining the publicly accessible collections, and retrieving requested material from the closed stacks. We are located on the first floor of the David Allan Hubbard Library, just inside the main entrance. You may also find us in the stacks shelving books or walking around, straightening up. Feel free to ask us for help around the building if you are having trouble locating a book or need help navigating the library.


What services are offered by the IAS department?

At the IAS desk, we assist patrons with borrowing, renewing, and returning books. The IAS desk is also where you can check out Reserve books, request books from Storage or Special Collections, and get basic research help and (very) basic tech support. For in-depth research help, we refer users to our Reference Department.

The IAS team can teach you how to search the library catalog, help you book a group study room, and set up your library computer and printing account. We will do our best to answer any question you have, and if we can’t directly help, we can guide you to the right person or department.

Who is on the IAS staff?

The IAS staff consists of a combination of current Fuller students and alumni representing all three schools (SOT, SOP, and SIS), as well as degreed and career library professionals. Our diverse backgrounds and varied experiences make us a well-rounded team able to assist users with their myriad library needs.


How can users get help from an IAS staff member?

You may contact us in person at the IAS desk (our regular hours are Monday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.), by e-mail (lib-info@fuller.edu), or by phone (626.584.5618).

What do you want people to know about the IAS Department that most people don’t know?

When asked why they work at the library, the single most common response from the IAS team members is, “I enjoy helping people.” We are here to assist you, so please feel free to stop by the desk, and good luck with your studies!