1940 -1943 Graham attends Wheaton College with FTS Founding Faculty Harold Lindsell & Carl Henry
1949 **********************************

Billy Graham plans his Crusade route for the coming Fall & Spring, interacting with FTS Founder Charles Fuller & President Ockenga

Los Angeles Crusade, Sept – The event unexpectedly launches Graham to national prominence

Oct 12 – Charles & Grace Fuller speak

Nov 2 – Fuller’s Old Fashioned Revival Hour Choir sings for the Crusade

Nov 6 – Charles Fuller prays for Billy Graham on OFRH

1950 **********************************

Boston Crusade, Jan – April – Billy Graham speaks at President Ockenga’s church at Park Street

1950 **********************************

FTS students help with Graham’s Mid-Century Rose Bowl Rally.

The Rally was originally scheduled as FTS’ fall convocation, featuring Graham as speaker.

1956-1958 **********************************

FTS students embark on Summer evangelistic tours, including the Billy Graham Crusade in Oklahoma, New York, & San Francisco

1956 **********************************

Oct 15 – First volume of Christianity Today is printed with FTS Founding faculty Carl Henry as Editor & FTS President Ockenga as Board Chairman

1958 **********************************

Charles Fuller personally invites Graham to join the Fuller Theological Seminary Board of Trustees

1959 **********************************

Billy Graham officially joins the FTS Board of Trustees

1962 **********************************

Graham advocates for BD graduates in evangelism, a precursor to the School of World Mission

1965 **********************************

Graham donates funds for the construction of the new McAlister Library Building

1967 **********************************

Billy Graham speaks at Founders Day

1968 **********************************

Graham transitions from Trustee member to Senior Trustee

1992 **********************************

Graham transitions from Senior Trustee to Emeritus Trustee


Check out the Library’s Weyerhauser Reading Room to see original letters and photographs of Reverend Graham’s time with the Fuller Seminary family.


Additional materials reflecting Billy Graham’s personal relationships with Fuller Seminary’s family are held in the Seminary’s Institutional Archives.

Collections include Charles & Grace Payton Fuller collection, Presidential Papers of Harold John Ockenga,  Presidential Papers of David Allan Hubbard, Wilbur Smith collection, Daniel Payton Fuller collection, Board of Trustees collection, Fuller Publications collection, & Institutional Photograph collection.