This year’s Miracle Madness pits historic Christian events against each other!

Four rounds will have selections of famous events in Christian history. The one with the most votes at the end of the voting period will move on to the next bracket!

The winner of Miracle Madness 2018 is…
Johann Gutenberg producing the first printed Bible in 1456!

Voting times:

  • March 5-8: Round One
  • March 8-11: Round Two
    March 11-14: Round Three
    March 14-16: Championships

Check back during those dates and vote. Links for each specific round will be active.

You can also join in on the action by using this Miracle Madness Bracket!

What will reign supreme? Vote for your favorite today!

(Note: We believe all of these events are important to the history of Christianity. This is something only for fun.)