Flashback to the 1970s! The FTS Archives uncovered an interview with movie legend Jimmy Stewart & Broadway star Carol Lawrence from Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie’s 1970s program, “Hollywood Happening.”

Click the link to watch as they explore the topic of hope and God’s role in their lives.





Actor Jimmy Stewart starred in 80 films over a 55-year career. Films included “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “The Philadelphia Story,” “The Naked Spur,” “Rear Window,” “Anatomy of a Murder,” “Vertigo,” and “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.”







Actress Carol Lawrence is best remembered for her Tony nominated performance in “West Side Story” (1957). Since the 1950s, Ms Lawrence has also played in “Funny Girl,” “Sweet Charity,” “Mame”, and the Pasadena Playhouse production of “Do I Hear A Waltz?” Television performance also include “Rawhide,” “Hawaii 5-0,” “Murder She Wrote,” “Saved By The Bell,” and “Sex and The City,” and “General Hospital.”