Greetings, Fuller Community!

풀러 커뮤니티 여러분, 안녕하세요!

¡Saludos, comunidad de Fuller!

Are you ready for the finals? Your library can help you! To get less stressed about the finals, contact us today.

Reference librarians can answer your questions via email and chat. If you need one-on-one meeting, book it on our reservation page

Our DeStress for Success event for the finals is online this year. If you are engaged in social media, connect with us and win giveaways! 

Participate in our social media in the next 9 days and enter into an opportunity drawing. Reply to the posts, tag or like the library #fullerlibrary on Instagram (@fullerlibrary), Twitter (@fullerlibrary) or Facebook (Fuller Library). Multiple participation is encouraged.

When: December 1st to December 10th, 2020. Prizes and winners will be announced on Friday, Dec. 11th, 2020.

DeStress for Success Fall 2020 image

도서관 소셜미디어에 참여하시고 다양한 경품 추첨기회에 응모하세요.

도서관 인스타그램, 트위터, 페이스북을
통해 포스트에 대한 답글을 남기시거나 #fullerlibrary와 같은
해시태그 달기, 혹은 Like를 눌러주세요~

여러번 참여하실수록 당첨기회가 높아질 수 있습니다.

언제: 12월 1일부터 12월 10일까지  

경품과 우승자는 12월 11일에 발표될 예정입니다~

Participe en nuestras redes sociales en los próximos 9 días y entre en un sorteo de oportunidad.

Responda a los mensajes de la biblioteca, tags o haga like a la biblioteca #fullerlibrary en Instagram, Twitter o Facebook. Animamos participaciones múltiples.

Cuándo: Diciembre 1 a Diciembre 10, 2020. Los premios y ganadores serán anunciados en Diciembre 11, 2020.

If you happened to be in the library last year, this was your cozy corner there…