Library Catalog (WorldCat) and Databases Down (OCLC server error)


Starting around noon today, the library catalog (WorldCat) and databases became inaccessible due to an error with our library vendor’s servers (OCLC). Our circulation software has also been affected so that books cannot currently be renewed online. We are still able to check books in and out at the front circulation desk, but we will not be able to provide account updates about fees. We are aware of these problems and have contacted OCLC about the access issues.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and trust that access will be returned within a few hours. We will issue an update when normal operation of our systems has been restored.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

Journal Highlight: The Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal Now Available

The David Allan Hubbard Library is pleased to make The Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal (1868-1941) available to our users. The Recorder was the longest running English-language journal published in China during the 19th century until its publication was ceased during WWII outbreaks in Shanghai.

The 75 volumes include rare photos, maps, drawings, and statistics on the Christian church and missionary societies in China. Cross-cultural topics including western approaches to Confucianism, local and regional etiquette, and linguistic translation are included in its pages. Readers can access national statistics on baptized converts and data on the number of churches, schools, and hospitals during this timeframe.

The journal was purchased with funds from a generous grant made by the Hugh & Hazel Darling Foundation in support of the library‚Äôs growing Pacific Rim collections. We are grateful for the Darling Foundation’s support, and look forward to hearing from our users about the value of this newly available journal.