Theology News & Notes – Available Online!

The Hubbard Library Archives & Fuller Studio are making Fuller Seminary’s oldest theological journal – Theology News & Notes – available online! Check out it out on Fuller Seminary’s new Digital Commons at

With reflections and insights on FTS campus life, the broader theological landscape, and recommended academic works from 1954-2014, TNN is an amazing way to discover Fuller Seminary in a whole new way. Keep an eye out as we continue adding materials throughout the Summer!

Re-statement of the Library’s Access Policy

Please note, the Library’s access policy as stated on the front doors of the Library: “This is a private library for the use of the Fuller Theological Seminary community.” Also stated: “Students and staff should be prepared to present Fuller identification on request.”

As of Friday, February 19, 2016, the Library is re-stating and enforcing its access policies, and the Fuller Seminary security team will will be checking for Fuller Seminary identifications in accordance with the policy.

Members of the general public not associated with the Fuller Seminary community are welcome to fill out a Guest User Application for review concerning entry into the Library. Decisions stemming from the applications will be returned within 2-4 business days.

For more details about Fuller Seminary library users, authorized library card-holders, and the public, click here.

Open access to The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences database

The Chinese National Social Sciences provides free open access to its content. The National Social Sciences Database contains full text articles from 842 journals. It covers Marxism, economics, international issues, social sciences, law, literature, philosophy and history.

国家哲学社会科学学术期刊数据库提供842 种期刊全文, 是在中共中央宣传部、中国社会科学院、全国哲学社会科学规划办公室领导下,承建的公益性期刊数据平台. 它覆盖了马克思主义、经济、国际、社会政法、文哲、史学等哲学社会科学主要研究领域。