APA Handbook of psychology, religion, and spirituality (Vol 2)

APA Handbook of psychology, religion, and spirituality (Vol 2) presents the most comprehensive coverage of the current state of the psychology of religion and spirituality. It introduces a new integrative paradigm for this rapidly growing and diverse field. Although both volumes integrate research, theory, and practice, the second volume focuses in greater detail on practice. 

Gun Regulation and Legislation in America

In the wake of several of the deadliest mass shootings in United States history, HeinOnline is offering this new collection free of charge in order to provide a platform for research and promote civil discourse on the myriad issues related to gun regulation. The collection brings together more than 500 titles dealing with this difficult and important topic. Included are periodicals, key compiled federal legislative histories, relevant congressional hearings, CRS Reports, Supreme Court briefs, and more.  The collection also offers an extensive bibliography and a balanced selection of external resources to further research this subject. 

한국연구정보서비스 – Research Information Service System (RISS)

한국연구정보서비스는 한국 대학이 생산하고 보유하고 구독하는 학술자원을 공동으로 이용할 수 있도록 개방된 서비스입니다.
Research Information Service System (RISS) is an open access service to connect users to academic resources produced, collected and subscribed by higher education institutions in Korea.

Oxford Reference

Comprised of Oxford University Press’s Dictionaries, Companions, and Encyclopedias, Fuller subscribes to 40+ top tier reference works containing over 375,000 individually indexed and searchable articles focusing on religion, philosophy, and history. Works like: the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World, Dictionary of the Christian Church, Encyclopedia of Biblical Interpretation, and Encyclopedia of the Bible and Theology, enable far-reaching and in-depth research in theology, biblical studies, church history, and intercultural studies (particularly Islamic studies). 

History of Global Christianity Online

History of Global Christianity deals with the history of Christianity and its global development over the past five centuries. Going above and beyond the subject of church history, it deals with the cultural role of Christianity in its widest sense: from the many interactions of Christianity within society, politics, economics, philosophy and the arts, to the myriad of ventures that form civilizations, nations, and communities. How did Christianity involve itself in these overarching structures of human life? Contains all articles from the three print volumes,; full text. 

Hermeneia: A Critical and Historical Commentary on the Bible

Offered through the Project Muse database, the Hermeneia commentary series seeks to offer authoritative interpretation of the earliest texts of the biblical books and other literature closely related to the Bible. It is designed to be a critical and historical commentary to the Bible without pre-determined limits in size or scope. It utilizes the full range of philological and historical tools, including textual criticism (often slighted in modern commentaries), the methods of the history of tradition (including genre and prosodic analysis), and the history of religion.

To find a particular title, perform a title search in the box below “content” / “Hermeneia,” or scroll the alphabetized list. A search in the top search bar will search all of project Muse, not just the Hermenia commentary. 

Social Networks and Archival Context

SNAC is addressing a longstanding research challenge: discovering, locating, and using distributed historical records in archives and manuscript libraries. SNAC functions to, 1) integrate and simplify access to dispersed historical resources, and 2) provide unprecedented access to the biographical-historical contexts of the people documented in the resources, including the social-professional-intellectual networks within which they lived. 

Online Archive of California – OAC

The Online Archive of California (OAC) provides free public access to detailed descriptions of primary resource collections maintained by more than 200 contributing institutions and the 10 University of California (UC) campuses. OAC’s contains over 20,000 online collection guides. You can use these to browse, locate resources, or view selected items digitally — the OAC contains more than 220,000 digital images and documents — or learn how you can gain access to the physical objects. 

The Database of Religious History

The world’s first comprehensive online quantitative and qualitative encyclopedia of religious cultural history. The DRH is designed to serve as a centralized clearinghouse for scholarly knowledge of the historical record, bringing together a core of quantified, standardized data with qualitative comments, references to crucial resources, and links to on-line text and image databases.