Social Networks and Archival Context

SNAC is addressing a longstanding research challenge: discovering, locating, and using distributed historical records in archives and manuscript libraries. SNAC functions to, 1) integrate and simplify access to dispersed historical resources, and 2) provide unprecedented access to the biographical-historical contexts of the people documented in the resources, including the social-professional-intellectual networks within which they lived. 

Online Archive of California – OAC

The Online Archive of California (OAC) provides free public access to detailed descriptions of primary resource collections maintained by more than 200 contributing institutions and the 10 University of California (UC) campuses. OAC’s contains over 20,000 online collection guides. You can use these to browse, locate resources, or view selected items digitally — the OAC contains more than 220,000 digital images and documents — or learn how you can gain access to the physical objects. 

The Database of Religious History

The world’s first comprehensive online quantitative and qualitative encyclopedia of religious cultural history. The DRH is designed to serve as a centralized clearinghouse for scholarly knowledge of the historical record, bringing together a core of quantified, standardized data with qualitative comments, references to crucial resources, and links to on-line text and image databases. 

ScienceDirect (Open Access Items Only)

ScienceDirect is Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature. It combines authoritative, full-text scientific, technical and health publications with smart, intuitive functionality. Students can utilize Elsevier’s extensive open access journal program with 600+ fully open journals, and an additional 2000 journals with select open access content. Subjects covered include psychology, health science, and social sciences. 

Society of Biblical Literature – International Voices in Biblical Studies

International Voices in Biblical Studies is an online, peer reviewed, open-access book series that provides a platform for biblical critics and authors particularly from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Pacific, and Eastern Europe. The series continues to publish scholarly, creative, and compelling works that engage the biblical text, its history, reception, and interpretation. Works could be traditional or experimental in method and perspective, but with serious attention to context, be it local, regional or global.  Whenever possible, the works will be published in English and the primary language of the author. 

Society of Biblical Literature – Ancient Near East Monographs

The focus of this series is on the ancient Near East, including ancient Israel and its literature, from the early Neolithic to the early Hellenistic eras. Studies can be philological or archaeological, published in English or Spanish, and are peer reviewed by at least two scholars in the area before acceptance. Published open access by the partnership of SBL Press and the Centro de Estudios de Historia del Antiguo Oriente.

Vetus Latina

Resources for the Study  of the Old Latin Bible

A comprehensive index of hymns and hymnals containing over 200,000 hymns and 5,500+ hymnals; searchable by song title, tune, phrase, author, and hymnal title. Multidisciplinary / Other 

The Works of Flavius Josephus

The complete works of the famous Jewish historian, translated by William Whiston. 

Codices Latini Haunienses

The website Codices Latini Haunienses (CLH) contains high-quality digitized photos of select Latin manuscripts and codices from the Royal Danish Library. Full text descriptions.