Oxford Scholarship Online (Religion)

Oxford Scholarship Online (Religion) provides access to over 1,300 scholarly monographs in all areas of religion and theology, along with many of their intersections with culture.  All titles can also be searched through library’s online catalog. 

Oxford Islamic Studies Online

Oxford Islamic Studies includes primary sources, photo essays, and visual aids, combined with 7,500+ carefully indexed and searchable biographies and subject and subject entries from Oxford reference works. The database covers global Islamic history, concepts, people, practices, politics, and culture, and is regularly updated. Featured titles include: The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World, The Oxford History of Islam, The Oxford Dictionary of Islam, two classic interpretations of the Qur’an, a Concordance of the Qur’an, What Everyone Needs to Know about Islam, and the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World.  

Oxford Handbooks Online (Religion)

Oxford Handbooks Online (Religion) contains over 75 handbooks with 2,800+ essays and articles on critical topics and emerging issues in religion, including religion and culture, comparative religion, and theology and philosophy of religion. It also contains over 100 additional eBooks and 3,000+ articles mostly covering topics in philosophy, sociology, and linguistics.  

New Testament Abstracts

New Testament Abstracts is based on the print version from the Weston Jesuit School of Theology. The database contains more than 33,000 article abstracts, 1,200 review abstracts, 12,600 book abstracts, and 50 software abstracts from more than 500 periodicals in numerous languages. In addition, nearly 850 current books are also summarized annually. Article coverage in the database dates back to 1985.  See print edition for older articles.

Luthers Werke

The Weimar Edition of Luther’s Werke is a complete collection of Luther’s writings in the original German and Latin. One of the largest editions of any individual author ever created and first published in 1883, the series contains over 117 quarto volumes and is now published in full. Luthers Werke provides an indispensable historical-critical tool for theologians, historians, linguists and literary critics carrying out research into Luther’s life and work.  Martin Luther (1483-1546) is one of the central figures in the development of European cultural and intellectual history. This is as a result of not only his theological influence but also his contribution to the development of New High German. History, Texts, & Biography Reference (full text)

Karl Barth Digital Library

Karl Barth library includes, in English, his Church Dogmatics and 13 other works.  In German, it includes Barth’s complete works, as published to date by TZV. 

ProQuest eBook Central

ProQuest eBook Central is a web-based ebook library lending platform containing a growing collection of titles purchased by Fuller Library based on requests from faculty, students, and staff. These e-books can either be browsed online or “checked out” for your exclusive use. All titles can also be discovered through library’s online catalog. 

EBSCO eBook Academic Collection @ Fuller Library

eBooks: eBook Academic Collection (Ebsco) is a growing collection of full-text electronic books found in Ebsco Host.  These “e-books” can either be browsed online or “checked out” for your exclusive use.  Furthermore, you may search words and concepts that may appear on the pages of these books.  This customized collection includes recent books published in fields of religion, psychology, education, the social sciences, etc. All titles can also be searched through library’s online catalog. 

Digital Library of the Catholic Reformation

Digital Library of the Catholic Reformation includes full-text works of Catholic authors of the 16th and 17th centuries. Document types include catechisms, scholarly treatises, papal documents, theological works, and devotional works. Project editors are Simon Ditchfield at the University of York and Brad Gregory at the University of Notre Dame. As of August 2018, the database includes 845 titles by 277 authors. Purchased from Alexander Street Press. 

Digital Library of Classic Protestant Texts

Digital Library of Classical Protestant Texts includes 1,279 titles by 274 Western European authors from the Reformation and post-Reformation eras, 1500-1700. Provided are facsimile images and full-text, searchable by keywords, scripture references, and subject index. The works include theological writings as well as a wide range of confessional documents, biblical commentaries, polemical treatises, and Bible translations. Purchased from Alexander Street Press.