The Archives and Special Collections of the David Allan Hubbard Library and Fuller Theological Seminary exist to preserve and articulate the principles and priorities taught and upheld at the seminary. We strive to embody the Ecumenical spirit of David du Plessis to the greater Christian community throughout the world.

There are four layers of the Archives and Special Collections:
Ecumenical Archives
Founded in 1985, the David J. du Plessis Archives has acquired and grown an extensive range of collections, inclusive of papers of David J. du Plessis, Father Duane Pederson and the Jesus People Movement, and other prominent ministries and movements.
Institutional Archives
Our Institutional Records are the heart of the Archive. They contain the history of Fuller Theological Seminary. These vital documents are only available for Institutional use only, certain restrictions can apply.
Digital Archives
We have a variety of materials including the recordings of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour which our founder Charles Fuller created and the famous Let God Love You television program of Lloyd John Ogilvie, while he was pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood.
Special Collections & Rare Books
The Special Collections housed along with the Archives, contains published printed materials from the personal libraries of Gipsy Smith, James Melvin Washington, David Allan Hubbard, Lloyd John Ogilvie and many more.


The Archives is available by appointment only.
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When making an appointment, please be sure to include your contact information and details concerning the specific material you seek.