eReserves for Korean and Spanish Courses

What are eReserves?

Electronic reserves or eReserves are readings and materials in Korean or Spanish that are made available to students enrolled in a course at Fuller. These readings are accessible via the Canvas pages associated with those courses.

eReserves material are almost always select book chapters or articles, and in special cases, longer sections of a work. This is expressly done with the publisher’s or author’s permission, coupled with payment if applicable.

More information regarding the change in eReserves for fall 2020 with additional frequently asked questions are available here.

Location in Canvas

The eReserves module is either linked in your Canvas course or available on the eReserves main page here. This main page lists the materials for courses and has the submission form for faculty. Faculty are encouraged to paste this URL in their Canvas course.

Requesting New Materials

The new eReserves request form is located here:

  1. Fill out the faculty’s name and email address. Click Next.
  2. Find the appropriate course in the drop down menu or fill out the Course Information manually. Click Next.
  3. If you choose to fill out the Course Information, course number, course name, instructor and term are required.
  4. Fill out the item information. Once done, click on the check box acknowledging the statement, “Starting fall 2020, eReserves is available for Korean or Spanish items only. Any additional requests will be cancelled.”
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Faculty will be contacted within 7 days to confirm upload.

Requesting Previous Materials

If you want to request materials you’ve already used in a previous course, contact with the following information:

  • Course Name
  • Course Number
  • Previous Course Number
  • Items needed

The materials needed will be added manually by library staff. Faculty will be contacted within 7 days to confirm upload.

Have questions? Contact us at