What are eReserves?

Electronic reserves or eReserves are readings and materials that are made available to students enrolled in a course at Fuller. These readings are accessible via the Canvas pages associated with those courses.

eReserves tend be used for materials that are shorter in length than what you would find in the library reserves holdings. You can expect to see PDFs (book chapters and articles) and Weblinks (subscription databases and videos).

What We Do

The eReserves Department is responsible for making course readings, such as articles, book chapters, and weblinks, available to students online. This task has two components:

  1. Obtain permission and negotiate licenses for course materials
  2. Create scans or locate places where the readings can be found electronically

How do I use eReserves?

We have several resources for students and instructors who have questions about eReserves. Our online tutorials cover the basics of setting up eReserves and accessing them.

If you run into anything you have deeper questions about or if things are not behaving as you would expect, please contact us directly. We are also available by appointment to meet at the David Allan Hubbard Library.