June 23, 2020

I’d like to make a suggestion about the school.
I’m a person who came to Fuller in the U.S. this spring semester.
I came here with anticipation when I heard about Fuller.

But the Fuller that I’ve actually experienced,
It was like a sloppy and irresponsible place like American society.

Preparing for the Corona crisis,
You shut everything down, as if I don’t know everything.
School raises the number of students tuition fees.

After ordering the library to be closed,
From March to next month every month, he only makes excuses.

And says as if “We’re not going to have enough money to run the school.”
and cuts the staff’s jobs.

It’s like watching schools in underdeveloped countries.

I’m sending you an email because it’s not the answer to just keep it in mind.

When does the library open?

I think I only give tuition to schools. Without doing anything.

School seems to just sit on the sidelines. You’re just making excuses for the corona.

Officials under the president of the school,

 I don’t know what they’re doing.

Don’t ignore the rude mail.
I’d like you to think about school management and students.

Have a good day.