There are a number of ways you can access Reference Help through the web and in person.

  • InfoGuides

    InfoGuides are faculty and library staff created research guides designed to help students learn more about an area of study or a means of accessing the best resources on a topic. You can search guides created by our faculty and staff by clicking the link below.

  • Suggested Internet Resources

    There are many resources available for free online, but knowing which are the best can be a challenge. We’ve compiled a list of the best resources available to you on the web.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    You can use the LibAnswers platform to browse frequently asked questions that have already been answered by the Library staff. Or you can ask a new question directly to a library staff member via email, text, or twitter.

  • Consultation, Training, & SCATLA Requests

    The Reference Librarians are happy to offer individual and group consultations and training for students and faculty.

    If you are looking for permission to access libraries within the SCATLA network, please contact the Reference Librarians for the form.

    Select below to schedule an appointment or fill out a SCATLA request.

Contact Reference
626.584.5668 – Jinsook Seo, Reference Librarian and Korean Studies Specialist
626.584.5638 – Natalya Pashkova, Reference Librarian and Community Outreach Specialist