Wayback Wednesday – Anniversary of the Jesus People Movement

On October 7, 1969, Duane Pederson handed out the 1st issue of the “Hollywood Free Paper.”

The underground newspaper inspired a generation called the Jesus People, creating one of the largest 21st century Gospel movements.

Check out the online exhibit & digital copies of the Jesus People publications Hollywood Free Paper, Jesus People Magazine, and the Visit



Photos from the “Duane Pederson, Jesus People International, and Hollywood Free Paper Collection” in the Archives & Special Collections of Fuller Theological Seminary.

Flashback Friday – Interviews with Jimmy Stewart & Carol Lawrence

Flashback to the 1970s! The FTS Archives uncovered an interview with movie legend Jimmy Stewart & Broadway star Carol Lawrence from Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie’s 1970s program, “Hollywood Happening.”

Click the link to watch as they explore the topic of hope and God’s role in their lives.





Actor Jimmy Stewart starred in 80 films over a 55-year career. Films included “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “The Philadelphia Story,” “The Naked Spur,” “Rear Window,” “Anatomy of a Murder,” “Vertigo,” and “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.”







Actress Carol Lawrence is best remembered for her Tony nominated performance in “West Side Story” (1957). Since the 1950s, Ms Lawrence has also played in “Funny Girl,” “Sweet Charity,” “Mame”, and the Pasadena Playhouse production of “Do I Hear A Waltz?” Television performance also include “Rawhide,” “Hawaii 5-0,” “Murder She Wrote,” “Saved By The Bell,” and “Sex and The City,” and “General Hospital.”


Throwback Thursday: What Happened to the Old Fashioned Revival Hour?

Glad you asked! Charles Fuller’s Old Fashioned Revival Hour became The Joyful Sound!

Wanting to keep the radio ministry alive after Dr. Fuller’s death on March 18, 1968, his son Dr. Daniel Payton Fuller and the Global Broadcasting Association continued the program.

David Allan Hubbard, the 3rd President of Fuller Seminary, became the program’s regular speaker from 1969 until 1981.

Listen in on “The Joyful Sound” on Soundcloud!

Young DAH

Theology News & Notes – Available Online!

The Hubbard Library Archives & Fuller Studio are making Fuller Seminary’s oldest theological journal – Theology News & Notes – available online! Check out it out on Fuller Seminary’s new Digital Commons at http://digitalcommons.fuller.edu/tnn/

With reflections and insights on FTS campus life, the broader theological landscape, and recommended academic works from 1954-2014, TNN is an amazing way to discover Fuller Seminary in a whole new way. Keep an eye out as we continue adding materials throughout the Summer!

Flashback Friday: Charles Fuller & Pomona College

Guess what! In 1910, Charles Fuller graduated cum laude from Pomona College. Would you believe the future world-renowned radio evangelist had majored in chemistry??

He was also one of Pomona’s left-tackles! See if you can find him in his college football photos! He also earned a letter in the hammerthrow and shotput.

Charles E FullerCEF_Pomona Football


For President Labberton’s announcement about our campus move and the Future of Fuller, check out https://www.fuller.edu/future/

Remembering Billy Graham’s Time at Fuller Seminary



 1940 -1943 Graham attends Wheaton College with FTS Founding Faculty Harold Lindsell & Carl Henry
1949 **********************************

Billy Graham plans his Crusade route for the coming Fall & Spring, interacting with FTS Founder Charles Fuller & President Ockenga

Los Angeles Crusade, Sept – The event unexpectedly launches Graham to national prominence

Oct 12 – Charles & Grace Fuller speak

Nov 2 – Fuller’s Old Fashioned Revival Hour Choir sings for the Crusade

Nov 6 – Charles Fuller prays for Billy Graham on OFRH

1950 **********************************

Boston Crusade, Jan – April – Billy Graham speaks at President Ockenga’s church at Park Street

1950 **********************************

FTS students help with Graham’s Mid-Century Rose Bowl Rally.

The Rally was originally scheduled as FTS’ fall convocation, featuring Graham as speaker.

1956-1958 **********************************

FTS students embark on Summer evangelistic tours, including the Billy Graham Crusade in Oklahoma, New York, & San Francisco

1956 **********************************

Oct 15 – First volume of Christianity Today is printed with FTS Founding faculty Carl Henry as Editor & FTS President Ockenga as Board Chairman

1958 **********************************

Charles Fuller personally invites Graham to join the Fuller Theological Seminary Board of Trustees

1959 **********************************

Billy Graham officially joins the FTS Board of Trustees

1962 **********************************

Graham advocates for BD graduates in evangelism, a precursor to the School of World Mission

1965 **********************************

Graham donates funds for the construction of the new McAlister Library Building

1967 **********************************

Billy Graham speaks at Founders Day

1968 **********************************

Graham transitions from Trustee member to Senior Trustee

1992 **********************************

Graham transitions from Senior Trustee to Emeritus Trustee


Check out the Library’s Weyerhauser Reading Room to see original letters and photographs of Reverend Graham’s time with the Fuller Seminary family.


Additional materials reflecting Billy Graham’s personal relationships with Fuller Seminary’s family are held in the Seminary’s Institutional Archives.

Collections include Charles & Grace Payton Fuller collection, Presidential Papers of Harold John Ockenga,  Presidential Papers of David Allan Hubbard, Wilbur Smith collection, Daniel Payton Fuller collection, Board of Trustees collection, Fuller Publications collection, & Institutional Photograph collection.

A Martin Luther King Jr Day Prayer from the Lloyd John Ogilvie Archival Collection


Date Written: January 13, 2003

Date Presented in the Senate: January 17, 2003

From the Lloyd John Ogilvie Collection, Archives and Special Collections, David Allan Hubbard Library, Fuller Theological Seminary

*Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie’s consistent ministerial focus has been the care, encouragement, and support of business, political, and community leaders. His many efforts include ministering 23 years as pastor of the historical First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, leading a nationally syndicated radio and television ministry called Let God Love You, and serving as the 61st Chaplain of the United States Senate (1995-2003). Dr. Ogilvie has also supported Fuller Seminary in countless ways, including (but not limited to) as a Board of Trustees member,  a leader of the Lloyd John Ogilvie Institute of Preaching, and a valued colleague of former President David Allan Hubbard, former President Richard Mouw, and current President Mark Labberton.

For more information about Dr. Ogilvie or to view the Let God Love You television series online, please visit the Brehm Center’s Lloyd John Ogilvie Institute of Preaching Resources webpage.

Background image: Highsmith, Carol M., 1946-, photographer,“Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, Washington D.C.”  (October 2011), Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA, https://www.loc.gov/item/2013650721/


Martin Luther King Jr & Civil Rights in the James Washington Special Collection

James Washington Special Collection

Over 4,000 Related Volumes at the David Allan Hubbard Library!

Fire in the Streets 1960sSongsofCivilRightsmartin-luther-king-jr-and-the-sermonic-power-of-public-discourseCivil Rights EyewitnessTrial of MLKMLKRandolphLiberating VisionsMLK PapersSing For Freedom

Black in Selma

MLK Why We Can't WaitCivil Rights MovementRacial Equality

James Washington (1948-1997)

“One of the Leading Scholars of African-American Religion”James Washington

Associate Professor of History at Union Theological Seminary, NY

Ordained Baptist Minister

Dr. Washington is the author of Frustrated Fellowship: The Black Baptist Quest for Social Power (1986), A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings of Martin Luther King, Jr. (1986), I Have a Dream: Writings and Speeches That Changed the World / Martin Luther King, Jr. (1992), Conversations with God: Two Centuries of Prayers by African Americans (1994).

–James Washington and Tim Tseng, Union Theological Seminary