The Fuller Libraries boast a collection of over 420,000 print items, access to over 520,000 ebooks, over 46,000 print and electronic journal volumes, and access to over 125 different databases. The Libraries are dedicated to acquiring resources in a variety of formats, with a focus on Theology, Intercultural Studies, Psychology, and other related disciplines.

The David Allan Hubbard Library on the Pasadena, California, campus houses Fuller Theological Seminary’s main collection. Here, you will meet dedicated people who will help you with your research project and connect you with the many services offered by the library.

Legal Disclaimer Regarding Resources Offered by Fuller Theological Seminary:

Resources displayed, highlighted, and promoted on, which includes databases, eBooks, and journals, are only available to those in the Fuller campus community – current students, faculty, staff, and alumni (alumni have access to a smaller subset of resources).

If you are a visitor of the campus or share learning space with Fuller Theological Seminary, that does not permit usage or access of these resources.

Due to our license agreements with vendors, we cannot give access to people not associated with Fuller Theological Seminary.

Sharing of Fuller ID credentials with non-Fuller people is strictly forbidden and will lead to disciplinary action.

Questions about this disclaimer can be sent to Thank you for your understanding in this matter.