Mystery In The Library – Can You Escape In Time?

In partnership with ATLA – American Theological Library Association – the Hubbard Library has created our very own escape room!

A group of people are asked to retrieve an important item for the grand opening of the new Fuller Theological Seminary campus. 

Current times the escape room is open is: Tuesday – Thursday: 11am & 3pm; Friday: 11am, 3pm & 4pm. Contact if these times do not work for you and we can figure something out.

Max number of people for the team is 6-7.

To fill out a participation form, click here!

Email for more information and/or questions.

Does your team have what it takes to solve the mystery in time?


Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics Event > 1/18

Eisner winner and expert on latinx comics, Frederick Luis Aldama guides us through the heroes and villains of latin decent in mainstream comics since the 1940’s. With some of the industry’s top creators he explores where these characters came from, the challenges and stereotypes that are still being overcome and what the bright future holds for both latinx superheroes and the people who love them.

After the film, Dr. Aldama will be joined by a panel of comic experts and theologians to discuss the documentary and what our communal response should be.

Be sure to register for tickets here!