The David Allan Hubbard Library at Fuller Theological Seminary is dedicated to providing the best possible media for our students, faulty, and staff to create a comprehensive learning experience. Please read the following in full in regards to media requests and usage for classroom instruction.

As of Winter 2017, the Fuller Library will no longer purchase geo-physical media items due to these items not being accessible to those not located within a reasonable distance of the campuses (regional ones, included). Media items will only be provided digitally; accessible online as a streaming service from a reputable vendor. Fuller Theological Seminary and the David Allan Hubbard Library does not have the space or capabilities to stream or host media on our servers at this time.

If media is needed for class instruction, a request must be submitted one month (4 weeks) before class starts. This time frame does not include holidays or breaks where library and Fuller staff are not on campus. If a request is not submitted on time, it will be processed in the order it is received – no exceptions. And likewise, we do not guarantee the request will be available by the time the quarter starts.

To show a clip of a movie in class, you are able to do so as per Fair Use laws as long as there is a professor / teacher present during the showing. Please note: this allowance does not translate into online classes. 

If you have media incorporated into required readings and materials, consider adding a month subscription to a streaming service to your class syllabus.

We strongly suggest searching free sources, such as Vimeo and YouTube for media.

Purchased media will also be limited to a $200 per quarter, per instructor. Any amount over this limit will be billed to the appropriate department.

For more information about media used for instruction, please email