The DAH Library is happy to announce that it will replace its old catalog with OCLC WorldShare Management Services (OCLC WMS) in mid-August. This change will help the Library streamline cataloging, acquisitions, circulation, license management and workflows, and offer a next-generation discovery and delivery tool for library users. Features of this tool include:

  • Google-like searching which delivers content from the Library (print and content from most subscription databases) and the world’s library collections,
  • Integration with Interlibrary Loan services (ILL) which makes it easier for users to locate and request materials from other libraries,
  • Social networking including user-contributed reviews, ratings, lists, tags, integration with Facebook, digg, etc.,
  • Citation creation for many formats, and exportation to EndNote and other bibliography software,
  • and, mobile interfacing.

The Library is excited to offer this streamlined and robust catalog to its users, and its staff will be ready to assist individuals who need help orienting to the new system and who want to maximize its discovery and delivery capacities. Check out the WorldCat@Fuller search box today at!

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  1. Kudos to Daniela who works tirelessly for all of us students and faculty to make the resources more accessible. She’s one of the best at Fuller!

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