Books for Black History Month

Celebrate Black History Month by checking out some of our new titles!


MLK Jr. Books for January

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

New books for December

Merry Christmas! For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

 – John 3:16

New books for November

Happy Thanksgiving! Please see the following eBooks purchased recently for ECDs.


Books for October

Happy Fall quarter! Please check out  some of new books in the David Allan Hubbard Library.


Books for September

Happy Fall Quarter! Below is some of eBooks purchased for ECD and syllabi for fall quarter!




Books for June

Enjoy reading the following new books from the Hubbard Library.

Books for May, Continued…

We’ve purchased many books in German and Korean language.  Some of them are below:

Books for April, Continued

Happy Easter! Jesus says, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die.” – John 11:25-26

Books for March

Happy March! Here are some books regarding Christian missionaries. Enjoy!


Books about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Books for January, 2019

Happy New Year!

Books for September

Happy September!  Wishing you have a wonderful and productive quarter!


Books for August

Happy August!

1standinginthebreach2portraints3covenantandcreation4theologicalapproach5seriouslydangeerous6oldtestament7holywar8oldtestament9imageofjoshua10hebrewbibleOT 11translatonstyle12arewenotmen13womanist14pentateuch15introductiontobiblicallaw16stepsto17hebrewsincontexts18divinepresence19micahcommentary

Books for July

Happy summer!


Books for May

Enjoy reading the books below!

1theology2bloodofchrist3understanding4oldtestament5signsandwonders6reinterpreting7post-traumatic8Johanninetheoloyg9theology of bookofisaiah10doctrineofhumanity11catholictheology12evangelicalpost13,Trinitarian15endoftheology16ohthatyou17futureofe18feminist

New Books for April, continued…

The following books are some we purchased in April for the William E. Pannell African American Church Studies Collection. When you visit the library, please take a look at the Pannell Collection on the third floor. You also can read many eBooks related to the subject.



Books for April

Happy April! Hope you will enjoy some of the following books.




Books for March, continued…

Easter is around the corner!  May the hope and joy of Jesus’ Resurrection linger in our hearts forever. Have a blessed and meaningful Easter and enjoy reading some of the books about the Resurrection!

1atonement2translatingresurrection3christ's resurrection4resurrectionofthemessiah5resurrectofjesus6affirmingtheresurrection7resurrectionofthedead8bodilyresurrectionandethics9resurrectionthepower10givethemchrist11metamorphoses12fromresurrectiontonew13resurrectionandeschatology14realityoftheresurrection15resurrectionofjesus16raisedwithchrist17practiceresurrection18Jesusandthedemise

Books for February, continued

February is the month of love and Valentine’s Day. It reminds us of God’s love and of how we can share His love with others. Hopefully you are interested in some of the following books about love.


Books for February & Black History Month


Happy Black History Month! Once a year, we dedicate a month to celebrate the incredible accomplishments and contributions of black Americans. This is not only an opportunity to remember black achievement, but it’s also a great opportunity to read some good books!





New Books in December, Continued…

Happy December!  We wish you and yours have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 



Wayback Wednesday – Anniversary of the Jesus People Movement

On October 7, 1969, Duane Pederson handed out the 1st issue of the “Hollywood Free Paper.”

The underground newspaper inspired a generation called the Jesus People, creating one of the largest 21st century Gospel movements.

Check out the online exhibit & digital copies of the Jesus People publications Hollywood Free Paper, Jesus People Magazine, and the Visit



Photos from the “Duane Pederson, Jesus People International, and Hollywood Free Paper Collection” in the Archives & Special Collections of Fuller Theological Seminary.

WAIS-IV & WISC-V Kits Checked Out

Due to the limited quantity of WAIS-IV and WISC-V kits,  all are checked out to students who need them for the entirety of their courses and are checked out to them for the fall 2020 quarter. There are a few WAIS manuals still available on a first come, first served basis.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Feel free to email with any additional questions. Have a wonderful day!

Required Textbooks Reminder

Hello Fuller Students!

As the fall quarter approaches, the following is a gentle reminder regarding required textbooks.

The Hubbard Library may have many of your required books as an eBook or in print, however, it is the students’ responsibility to check the library website for availability. It does remain the responsibility of the student to obtain required texts if the library is unable to purchase eBooks or provide access to print books. Library staff do try to provide access as best as we can, however, we cannot guarantee access to every required textbook for every student.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact
Daniell Whittington
Executive Director of the Library

eReserves Discontinuation for Fall 2020

Due to rising copyright costs and the growth of online access to databases and journals, the eReserves service will be discontinued starting fall 2020. In an effort to assist in this transition, a LibGuide has been made to help with understanding copyright and how to utilize resources, located here.  The Hubbard Library has how-to videos and reference librarians who can instruct in using and researching in our databases and online journals.  Below are some answers to questions about the dissolution of this service. 

What does this mean?

At the end of summer 2020 quarter, eReserves module will be closed on the Canvas module. Requests for scans of articles or chapters will no longer be fulfilled. 

How do I get my resources linked in my syllabus and in my Canvas course?

You can find links to your resources by searching for them at Fuller’s library site here. The Teaching & Learning team has a video here to show you how best to link your resources for your course. 

What is the max amount of a work I can scan and upload to my course?

To stay within Fair Use, it is advisable to stay within 10% or less of a book. Any more and this won’t be covered under Fair Use. Ten percent of a book roughly equals one chapter. 

What if I need more than 10% of a particular work?

There are three ways to secure copyright without breaking copyright law. 

  • Check our Annual License (instructions on how to do so are located here) to see if the excerpt is covered.
  • Check to see if the Hubbard Library has the book as an eBook through our catalog. If not, submit a request through Suggest a Book
  • If the book is not available as an eBook for institutions, it is suggested to make this text required and students will have to purchase it in either print or digital format. 

If scans are already made for the class, can I upload them to my course?

Unfortunately, only if it is 10% or less of the book. The Library had paid for copyright for each quarter for those scans, so more that 10% would fall outside of fair use. If these scans are uploaded without the publisher’s permission, Fuller may be subject to a lawsuit. 

Can the reference librarians find the resources I need for a course?

Reference librarians are available to assist in navigating Hubbard Library’s resources but cannot compose lists of items for faculty. 

Can I use ILL to fulfill requests for my class?

ILL is only for personal use only due to our agreements with other libraries. Scans for a class need to be done through your own means. 

Are there any exceptions?

Items may be requested for eReserves only for Spanish and Korean courses due to the limited worldwide availability of these books. Even in these languages, faculty are encouraged to find alternative digital resources whenever possible.

If you have any other questions, please contact

Response to Library Access Concerns

The David Allan Hubbard Library continues to be committed to our students and faculty during this unprecedented time. Many concerns were addressed during the SOT/SIS Town Hall about the library and access to necessary resources. While nothing can replace the experience of physical access to the library and our geophysical resources, we are all learning how to adapt due to this global pandemic. Our services continue to develop, however, we realize for many they will look different in comparison to your academic pursuits prior to COVID-19. 

As the library evolves its services and offerings in a safe manner to protect students and staff, we are grateful for your patience and flexibility. The Hubbard Library and Fuller Theological Seminary is limited by local and state guidelines and our commitment to the safety of the Fuller community. 

We are working hard to keep up with requests for our online services and are dedicated to doing so until the library can reopen safely. At the end of this post is a list of our online and distance resources the Hubbard Library offers our current students, faculty, and staff. We also highly encourage those to utilize our online tutorials and contact our reference librarians for additional help. General inquiries can also be sent to, and you will be directed to the appropriate person. 

Thank you all for your patience and grace while we reimagine our services to our patrons. 


Daniell Whittington
Executive Director of the Library


COVID-19 Services Currently Offered at David Allan Hubbard Library

Book Pick Up – library staff will package and make available books for patrons. A confirmed day and time will be sent to the patron for pick up at the library.
Books By Mail – available for patrons who live outside a 50 mile radius of the Pasadena campus
Library How Tos – contains videos and handouts of some online resources.
InterLibrary Loan – for items the Hubbard Library does not have. Items will be picked up via the Book Pick Up form on the Pasadena campus.
Scan on Demand – for chapters and articles which are less than 10% of an entire work
Suggest a Book – use it to send the library suggestions for items we should have in our collections or for us to check if a print book is available and an eBook.
Reference Librarian appointment calendar – schedule an appointment with our reference librarians for assistance with our online resources and getting started with research projects.
Library Catalog – the gateway in locating our resources. You can virtually browse our shelves by clicking the “Browsing the Shelf” function in an item’s record.


Library Contact Information 

General information, library accounts and due dates:
Reference and research assistance:
Ebooks and databases:
Scanning and interlibrary loan:
Archival inquires: